Artist Projects

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Suzanne Henthorn, “I remember the day you came to town,” Acrylic, 24″ x 30″

Suzanne Henthorn: Touched by Fire

Suzanne Henthorn hopes to take away the stigma of mental illness, by showing that mental illness does not mean “crazy.” Her project illustrates how she has learned to live with a mental illness by using art to work out distorted thought processes by creating a visual journal. Her works are self-portraits, but not of the physical self, rather as psychological portraits. She is currently starting on a project to use sculpture to illustrate visual hallucinations and to provide a recorded experience of listening to voices. The work will be presented as a traveling exhibition, focused particularly in university venues, to share that mental illness is not a character flaw, rather a disease and a fulfilling life is still possible.

Beatriz Mayorca, "Freefall," Wood and metal hardware, 47" x 120" x 47"

Beatriz Mayorca, “Freefall,” Wood and metal hardware, 47″ x 120″ x 47″

Beatriz Mayorca: Oklahoma mad: Functional Art

Beatriz Mayorca will develop a collection of casual, clean, timeless and functional art pieces to be displayed at Mainsite Contemporary Art in Norman, Oklahoma next December 2015. For this exhibition, she will create wooden furniture and lighting pieces built using lamination technique with plywood, highlighting the layers of the material. Additionally, she will make an area rug and a group of pillows highlighting the natural feeling of burlap with a touch of color.

Yiren Gallagher, "Garden of Adam," Photo collage, 8" x 10"

Yiren Gallagher, “Garden of Adam,” Photo collage, 8″ x 10″

NOMI (Yiren & James Gallagher): Greenbelt Meridian

Collaborative artists Yiren and James Gallagher will create a longitudinal corridor, a “Greenbelt Meridian,” passing through Tulsa’s Hardesty Arts Center’s ground floor to actualize a physical collage of greenery, enclosure, and animated nature. The concept of a greenbelt – retaining an undeveloped or “wild” border of land surrounding a portion of urban space – was once used in the construction of ancient cities, it has also been incorporated into conservation efforts worldwide to form continuous paths uniting migration routes for endangered species, as well as appearing within environments in an attempt to halt desertification. The “Greenbelt Meridian” project is an imagined continuous strip of land parceled by the artists to actualize a physical collage of greenery, enclosure, and animated nature in and around the Hardesty Arts Center.


Shaun Perkins/Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry: Poem Life

Poem Life is a one-woman show about this theme: I didn’t choose the poem life, the poem life chose me. It is autobiographical and details a rural Oklahoma woman’s development as a poet and lover of words chosen by poetry to fulfill its mission: Bring poetry to the people and bring it out of the people. The show will include a variety of activities: storytelling, poetry performance, video clips, music/poetry audio clips, audience interaction, group poetry-writing, etc. Poem Life is designed to engage the audience on many levels: it will have humor and sadness, personal detail and public interaction.

Holly Wilson, "Ghost of the Dead," Photography, 36" x 24"

Holly Wilson, “Ghost of the Dead,” Photography, 36″ x 24″

Holly Wilson: Native in America

Holly Wilson’s project illustrates how contemporary Native American children live their lives here in America. Her exhibition, “A Foot in Two Worlds,” is scheduled at Oklahoma Contemporary in May 2015. The show is made up of 5 different yet overlapping concepts of Native American life through the artist’s eyes. One section of this exhibition is called, “Through Their Eyes: Murmuration.” Wilson is constructing masks from animal material past down to her from her mother and father for making Native Regalia. Wilson will use these masks for this section called “Native in America” placing them on real children and then photographing them in everyday scenarios.